Thursday, December 9, 2010

ESPN Magazine

New illustrations for ESPN magazine of Grant Hill and Alex Rodriguez. Very quick turnaround but a very easy job from sketch to finish. Thanks Lou.

First sketches...


Original inks - notice the dope helmet I initially gave A-Rod. Too bad it didn't make the cut.


And when all is said and done...




Leif Peng said...

Awesome! They turned out great! Love seeing your early steps - would love a further step-by-step of the finished art development. Thanks for sharing this with us :^)

M.Marsicano said...

thanks, leif. i'm a big fan of Today's Inspiration.

bspina said...

Mike - These are amazing. I love seeing the progression too. I'm still searching for the Mag out here in the waste land of Long Island. (There's no newstand on the corner.) Looking forward to seeing you next week.