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Manhattan Blowout, 1960

This ink drawing on gessoed fabriano sitting around for months and months - always in the way on top of my scanner or in a stack of fresh sheets. Despite the cool decor and the strange subject - I suppose I put off finishing it due to a general lack of interest. Something about it just puts me to sleep.

But the other day I was sitting at my desk just after a job shipped and the corner was peeking out at me - making me feel guilty. So I scanned her in with heavy eyelids...


Hit her with the flat color. Bored...


And let's not forget the scanned textures and shading. I'm practically nodding off here...


There! She's done. Now go away Ink Drawing of 1960's Underwear Lady & Her Cat Caught Off-Guard By The Eastern Wall of Her Upper-Floor Manhattan Apartment Being Suddenly Blown Out on Gessoed 300 Lb Cold Press Fabriano Paper and never bother me again!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Central Park West @ 81st Street


Phish T-Shirt


ESPN Magazine

New illustrations for ESPN magazine of Grant Hill and Alex Rodriguez. Very quick turnaround but a very easy job from sketch to finish. Thanks Lou.

First sketches...


Original inks - notice the dope helmet I initially gave A-Rod. Too bad it didn't make the cut.


And when all is said and done...



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rock Band 3

Dig the new cinematic for Rock Band 3 that I did the storyboards to.

ROCK BAND 3 - OPENING CINEMATIC from Jon Hassell on Vimeo.

Thanks to Rama and Jon over at Digital Kitchen.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Extra! Extra! Area Brother Designs Wedding Announcement

Because I'm such a wonderful brother, I took the liberty of designing Jess & Justin's save the date magnet. There will be no wedding gift.


Lost at E Minor

A nice little write-up about Beautiful Catastrophe on one of my personal favorite blogs
Lost at E Minor.



Friday, November 5, 2010

From the heart of Medina to the head of Fort Greene...

Just finished my latest promo about the love/hate relationship all of us have with living in NYC. It's nine illustrations depicting the daily insanities that we subject ourselves to year in and year out. Simultaneously, it doubles as a sort of trophy case in which we keep our earned stripes. I'm printing these up via Lulu on a limited basis and will be sending them out to stir up some goodies for 2011. Below is the wraparound cover for the book.



You can see a few more samples of the images at my website.

"E.B. White said that the greatest and truest New York is that of the person who comes to settle here in quest of something. Seldom is there a moment that I do not marvel at the beauty and energy of this metropolis. There is a magnetism in the rattle and hum emitted by this cold and rigid grid. Her lure reaches far and wide, indiscriminately pulling outlanders close and casting her cloak around them for several days at a time until inevitably the funk creeps in and they retreat to their relatively tranquil

Throughout history, many luminaries have reflected on New York City through lenses of marvel, humor and revulsion. It is a paradox, eliciting myriad reactions from wonder to disdain. Undoubtedly, the omnipresent and ceaseless static of The City can drive one to seek sanctuary far away from the chatter, the characters, the crush. And yet, persevering through the sensory onslaught yields that sense of pride, that warm and chewy nougat center of a New Yorker.

There are times when I suddenly snap awake - temporarily free of my steadfast adoration - to notice the sorrow and crookedness of my surroundings. Transiently I perceive this city as an outsider and it is only then that I question the choice to live my life at fever pitch, constantly pushing and pulling, hastily ascending and descending staircases, that may ultimately lead nowhere.

However, this inquiry is fleeting. A familiar warmth washes over me, charging me with vigor and purpose. And just in time, too. Because the drycleaner's closes in ten minutes and I just remembered that the uptown train at 14th street is running local today."

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Jacko Tonight


TimeOut New York Sex Issue

I have three full illustrations in this week's TimeOut NYC. These were fairly explicit tales of lust in the big city.

Apologies to any of my aunt's who may read them.



Friday, September 10, 2010

Puccini's "Tosca"

Bobi got her father an amazing book on Opera's masterworks. The pictures alone were stunning and I had to own a copy for myself. Since I've had it I've been dying to do a mock poster for an opera. So seizing on this little break in work - I did one for Tosca.

Drew it out quick in my sketchbook and decided to just use the pencil instead of inking over it.

Then clip & tipped* some old images to create a rug with an early-19th century feel. Rug aficionados - please refrain from blowing up my comment section.



I wanted so badly for the text to lay over Scarpia's body in shadow to mimic Tosca herself standing over him. But I didn't initially plan for that when drawing out the composition so I had to improvise.

*a nod to one Mr. Chris Stubbs for an invaluable term to add to my lexicon.

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Velvet Elvis on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Recently completed a bunch of Velvet Elvis paintings for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Not my usual style but a super fun gig nonetheless. Thanks to Anna for the reference.

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Nightmares EP cover

Three versions of text and layout for the cover.