Monday, March 14, 2011


I've enjoyed my first year working freelance immensely. The music selection has been perfect everyday and the coffee catered exclusively from Amy's Bread on 9th avenue is always fresh. Still, there are times I miss the daily interactions and banter with the people you spend your work time with. Working in the advertising field with insane deadlines and constant pressure always seems to attract an extremely colorful and friendly cast of characters/nutcases. And in the late nights, deep into OT, when the client has pretty much done a 180 - it's that cast of characters that get you through.

But the one thing I do not miss is the inadvertent tunnel vision that people working on insane and endless projects can get. Such undertakings require multiple gears to move simultaneously, propelling the entire machine forward. But when the hours get late and the conference calls keep on being scheduled people crave that chunk of time in which they can hunker down and bang out their portion of the project. Sometimes this craving is so great that communication gets overlooked. People forget that they are of the same stripe and are working together to one common goal - to nail this job! When this happens it's like pulling the rug out from underneath yourself.

I recently noticed this happening within the crew I was working alongside on a recent job and it made me appreciate this past year working solo. At times I miss the office absurdity and energy but I must say that I really have a good working relationship with me. No static at all.


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