Saturday, May 24, 2008

First one outta the gate.

Schools been over for two weeks. The studio is desolate and quiet and everyone's work station is still left just as it was the last week of school. I imagine soon that the cubicles are going to start miraculously being emptied one by one with each visit I pay. I will say that I enjoyed every minute (minus time spent troubleshooting the printing network) at SVA and I'm extremely happy with the work that was created over the past two years.
So after two weeks of back-patting and going home after work to the television, it's time to get cracking again. I feel a little uninspired in a "what's-next?" kinda way but I'm sure the best remedy for that is to dive into something new. Well, not too new - I'm gonna finally do that car wreck piece I've wanted to do for a long time.

Dig it! First sketch in two weeks.


A quick finish in Photoshop:


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