Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lou Says...

This year the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted that reluctant landlord of the tower of song, Mr. Leonard Cohen.
And who better else to give the induction speech than Long Islands' own Lou Reed? The gutter prince of elegant waste meandered on and on simply reading entire passages of LC's own poetry and song lyrics. Great stuff indeed, but after about six minutes the audience grew tired of Lou pretentiously listening to himself add his own vocal inflections to already masterful works and began to inject applause at any chance to signify that Lou should wrap it up. It was pretty awkwardly hilarious. And through each snappy flip to the next page of text to be read, Lou basically told us to go fuck ourselves.
I love you Lou, you prick.


Actually I started looking for pictures of Sydney Pollack, who passed away today, and then realized he kind of resembles Lou. I owe you one Sydney. Best wishes.

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